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Accu-Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and has been qualified as a "high-tech enterprise" a few years after. The company always adheres to its proprietary innovation, while making fruitful joint efforts with manufacturers of medical apparatus and instrument worldwide. It has been playing a very active role in developing minimally invasive surgery equipment industry in China. It has become one of main suppliers of minimally invasive surgery equipment & solutions with its integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support. In March, 2013, it was successfully  restructured as a joint-stock company, thereafter in November of the year, became the New OTC Market listed (Accu-Tech, Code: 430351). 


In the field of urology, the performance of our holmium laser therapeutic system well matches advanced international standards, plus very competitive price and well recognized after-sales service. So far, the installation base of our systems in domestic hospitals has reached over 700, of which 1/3  are tertiary hospitals. The company has also been actively cooperating with many well known hospitals and surgery experts, such as Beijing Friendship Hospitals in promoting advanced urinary soft lenses holmium laser lithotripsy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy holmium laser lithotripsy and prostate holmium laser enucleation to doctors and hospitals in foreign countries. As the result of the efforts, over 200 sets of holmium laser systems have been sold to over 30 countries worldwide. These efforts, including academic exchanges, live operation demonstration and hands-on trainings, have been sponsored or supported by the urinary division of the Beijing Friendship Hospital, the "Belt and Road National Strategy" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing International Cooperation Base, China Association of Medical Equipment, Chinese Male Urinary Medical Technology and Device Innovation Alliance Industrialization and Coordinated Application Demonstration Base, etc. The company has been cooperating with experts world wide in developing new medical equipment and proprietary technique in fields such as laser surgery for prostate and other soft tissue diseases. Some of the new developed technologies are very effective and can be expected to become new standard in the related fields in not a too far future.


In the minimally invasive surgery field of orthopedics, our marketing team has been actively promoting advanced techniques of spine minimally invasive laser sheaths surgery and arthroscopy laser sheaths surgery in China, working together with our strategic cooperation partners from American, Germany, Switzerland and other countries.  These techniques have outstanding advantages over the traditional ones in its more definite curative effect, fewer complications, and smaller trauma from the surgery. For lowering the threshold of entering  into this advanced medical surgery field for our customers both in the technology side and financial side, the company has been working hard together with our partners in  domestication of some originally imported laser surgery equipment, laser sheaths and other parts/products. With the more competitive and affordable prices, plus strong technical support, the new techniques have been gaining wide spread  recognition and adoption  for practical usage. Meanwhile, our technical team of the company, along with the international cooperation partners, have been working  closely with clinic surgery experts, aiming at and developing the next generation of advanced minimally invasive surgery instruments. By all these efforts, the company keeps improving  its strong competitiveness both in the technology advance level and cost effectiveness in the field.


With the strong minds of serving patients, developing technologies and manufacturing capabilities,  our management team of the company adheres to open cooperation concept with wholehearted passion and rigorous hard works.  Our vision is to constantly innovate in the field of minimally invasive surgery equipment, providing advanced minimally invasive surgery solutions and means to medical doctors worldwide, saving patients, making doctors work easier, rewarding the society and our shareholders.


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