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The Second Great Wall Orthopedics Forum and the 15th BOA Annual Meeting


A healthy China is an important roadmap for us to achieve a well-off society in an all-round way. Beijing is the political and cultural center of China where first-class universities, first-class research institutes and first-class hospitals are gathered, so the doctors in Beijing bear the important mission in healthy China and "innovation" has become the core concept of China's future development. With the development of society, traffic injury and site trauma become the main sources of trauma. The aging society makes orthopedists play an increasingly important role in human health, family life and society. China accounts for 1/5 of the world's population. Since the reform and opening up, we have gone abroad and learned advanced diagnosis and treatment technology, making our clinical treatment level close to that of developed countries. But the things that many Chinese orthopedic elites face and are worth our thought are to use our orthopaedic technique to bring benefits to and bring up our people, use our innovation to influence and promote the development of China and even international orthopaedic cause and use our technological inventions to occupy the position of the international medical treatment.

After several generations of arduous struggle, Orthopedics Branch of Beijing Medical Association finally becomes the elite team widely recognized by Chinese Orthopaedic Community, we want to thank our predecessors, our teachers and all orthopaedic colleagues, we have to constantly encourage ourselves, develop the branch with academic achievements, build the progress with unity, promote the development with cooperation and look forward to the future with innovation!

I wish the “Second Great Wall Orthopedics Forum and the 15th BOA Annual Meeting” a complete success!

Beijing Medical Association

Orthopedics Branch of Beijing Medical Association

May 2018




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