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China’s Medical Treatment along the “One Belt One Road Initiative” - Phase 5 “International Training


Phase 5 “International Training Course on Minimally Invasive Treatment Technique of Upper Urinary Tract Calculus” of Beijing Friendship Hospital

Phase 5 “International Training Course on Minimally Invasive Treatment Technique of Upper Urinary Tract Calculus” held jointly by the Department of Urinary Surgery of Beijing Friendship Hospital, the Department of Urology of Capital Medical University and Beijing Urinary Surgical Technique International Science in cooperation with Technique Cooperation Base Accu-Tech was held on September 18-20, 2017 as scheduled. A total of 14 doctors from Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Pakistan participated in this training.


Prof. Tian Ye conferred certificates with the participants attending this training and a group photo was taken


Demonstration of Prof. Li Jun’s Ultramicro-channel Percutaneous Surgery under Nephroscope


Demonstration of Prof. Xiao Chunlei’s prostate enucleation

This international training included 3 days’ courses as arranged, although the time was short but the contents were substantial and abundant, 11 demonstration surgeries were scheduled on the first day and simultaneously demonstrated in two surgery rooms, including children's MicroPCNL, children's flexible cystoscope, adult MicroPCNL, adult flexible cystoscope and prostate HoLP surgery.


Demonstration of Prof. Tian Ye’s surgery

Prof. Tian Ye demonstrated the full-length of a complex renal ureter under laparoscope and the process of partial bladder resection, the giant tumor caused severe local adhesions, however, under the skilled surgery of the Director Tian, the surgery was completed in just over two hours, this wonderful surgery representing the front edge level of the laparoscope in China was also highly praised by all the students on site.


Prof. Tian Ye introduced the development history of Urology Surgery of Beijing Friendship Hospital and gave a lecture on the technical development situations


Prof. Li Jun and Prof. Wang Wenying gave a lecture on the micro-channel calculus treatment and complication treatment


Prof. Xiao Chunlei conducts gave a lecture on the prostate holmium laser ablation


Students are attending the surgery training via simulator

As always, simulator training was held on Wednesdays, various simulator courses were offered by OLYMPUS Beijing Training Center, and they have become the reserved items for the International Training Course of Beijing Friendship Hospital and deeply loved by all students.


The three-day intense course covered all the teaching contents and forms such as demonstrations of various surgeries, theoretical teaching and discussion, simulator surgery training. In order to make doctors in various countries fully understand the progress of upper urinary tract calculi treatment technique and equipment in the urology surgery of China during a short period of time, we will carefully select and repeatedly revise teaching cases, theoretical courses and simulator training before each international training course, and the teaching contents and the curriculum setting of each training course have been highly praised by the students from various countries.




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