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COA2017 Accu-Tech Review


The 19th Orthopaedic Conference of Chinese Medical Association-The 12th COA (Chinese Orthopaedic Association) International Academic Conference was held in Zhuhai- the city of hundred islands on November 15, 2017.

Accu-Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. took place at the conference with the innovative minimally invasive integration solution of double-pulse holmium laser combined with side emitting laser sheath and enjoyed the grand event in Zhuhai together with spine discipline experts at home and abroad.


Professor Anthony Yeung Visited the Booth for Guidance

It was the first time for Accu-Tech to participate in the COA event, and during this period, it presented an exciting expert lecture activity - the application of the double-pulse holmium laser combined with the side-laser laser sheath in spinal surgery, during which the doctors from China had close contact with the lecture experts in order to learn lesions and broaden horizons. The expert lectures focused on explaining classic cases and operating techniques of spine surgery, and the experts also described how the double-pulse helium-neon laser combined with the side emitting laser sheath can be used to effectively treat the ligamentum flavum, calcified annulus fiber, osteophyte, etc., that could not be treated well by instruments such as nucleus pulposus plier, abrasive drilling and radiofrequency and introduced the greater targeting and higher safety of the double-pulse holmium laser combined with the side emitting laser sheath during surgery. It was reported that 23,162 people participated in the conference at home and abroad and the conference received a total of 22,994 submissions and 246 exhibiting enterprises, the exhibition area was 32,000 square meters and there were more than 4,000 exhibitors participating in the exhibition. At this conference, the latest research results obtained in various orthopedics fields by various forms over the past year intensively were embodied, the latest techniques and clinical progress were exhibited, and the remarkable results were achieved. Accu-Tech is looking forward to COA2018 with you!




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